Pure Love of A Cherry Boy (2014)

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Pure Love of A Cherry Boy (2014) sinopsis Mizuho, ​​the editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Anji’, is a career woman who has succeeded in both work and love. But I am sexually harassed by the new editor.
Mizuho, ​​who can not stand, eventually explodes and is forced out of fashion magazines and comes to the occult magazine editorial department. The photo journalist Tsurugi who met at the first coverage site was an otaku
The two people get angry at each other during the coverage process. However, as time goes by, Mizuho becomes more favorable to Tsurugi
The only opportunity to return to the fashion magazine is the exclusive interview, which is the bait that attracts the lover to attract Mizuho to the hotel …
At that time Tsurugi also contacted Mizuho because of the interview.
What is Mizuho’s choice?


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